Time Table for SBTET

Time Table is announced by State Board of Technical Education and Training Andhra Pradesh under notification of SBTET Time Table 2015, for whom which are prepared for diploma courses under SBTET which are going to happen in April- May 2015.

Diploma in Architectural Assistantship April-May-2015:

Date Subject Code Subject Name
DAA I Year 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
17-Apr-  2015 AA- 101 English(Common A- 101)
20-Apr- 2015 AA- 102 Engineering Mathematics- I(Common A- 102)
22-Apr- 2015 AA- 103 Physics (Common A- 103)
24-Apr- 2015 AA- 104 Chemistry(Common A- 104)
29-Apr- 2015 AA- 105 Building Materials
30-Apr- 2015 AA- 106 Basic Design(9.30AM to12.30PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00PM)
04-May-2015 AA- 107 Geometrical Drawing
DAA  III  Semester 02:00PM to 05:00 PM
16- Apr- 2015 AA- 301 Engineering Mathematics- II (Common A- 301)
18- Apr- 2015 AA- 303 Engineering Mechanics
21- Apr- 2015 AA- 304 Surveying
23- Apr- 2015 AA- 302 History of Architecture- I
28- Apr- 2015 AA- 305 Architectural Design –  I  (9.30 AM to 12.30PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM)
29- Apr- 2015 AA- 305 Architectural Design –  I  ( 9.30 AM to 12.30PM)
02- May- 2015 AA- 307 Perspective Drawing
DAA IV Semester 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM
17- Apr- 2015 AA- 402 History of Architecture- II
20- Apr- 2015  AA- 403 Theory of Structures 
22- Apr- 2015  AA- 401 Information Technology & C (Common A- 401)
24- Apr- 2015  AA- 407  Building construction Drawing 
27- Apr- 2015  AA- 404  Specifications and Estimation (02:00PM to 05:00PM)
01- May- 2015 AA- 405  Architectural Design – II 9.30.AM to12.30PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00PM
02- May- 2015  AA- 405  Architectural Design – II 9.30.AM to12.30PM
DAA VI Semester  9.30.AM to12.30 PM
16- Apr- 2015 AA- 601 Entrepreneurship and Project Management
18- Apr- 2015 AA- 602  Construction failures, Repairs & Maintenance 
21- Apr- 2015  AA- 605  Urban Planning & Legislation 
23- Apr- 2015  AA- 603  Structural Design 
27- Apr- 2015  AA- 604  Environmental Engineering 
04- May- 2015  AA- 607  Building Working Drawings

Diploma in Automobile Engineering April/ May-2015

Date Subject Code Subject Name
DAE  I Year  02:00PM TO 05:00PM  ( COMMON WITH C-05)
17-Apr-2015 A-101 English (Common A-101)
20-Apr-2015 A-102 Engineering Mathematics-I (Common A-102)
22-Apr-2015 A-103 Physics (Common A-103)
24-Apr-2015 A-104 Chemistry (Common A-104)
27-Apr-2015 A-107 Engineering Drawing (Common A-107)
29-Apr-2015 A-105 Work Shop Technology
DAE III Semester 02:00 PM TO 05:00 PM
16-Apr-2015 A-301 Engineering Mathematics-II
18-Apr-2015 A-302 Basic Mechanical Engineering
21-Apr-2015 A-303 Auto Power Plants
23-Apr-2015 A-304 Automobile Transmission Systems
25-Apr-2015 A-305 Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Process
28-Apr-2015 A-306 Machine Drawing / Auto Cad
DAE IV Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
17-Apr-2015 A-401 Information Technology and C Language
20-Apr-2015 A-402 Strength of Materials & Fluid Mechanics
22-Apr-2015 A-403 Automobile Chassis & Body Engineering
24-Apr-2015 A-404 Automobile Electrical Systems
27-Apr-2015 A-405 Automobile Servicing & Maintenance
DAE V Semester 09:30AM TO 12:30PM
02-May-2015 A-501 Industrial Management and Entrepreneurship
04-May-2015 A-502 Design of Machine Elements
05-May-2015 A-503 Special Purpose Vehicles
06-May-2015 A-504 Motor Transport Organization
09-May-2015 A-505 Production Technology
11-May-2015 A-505 Automobile Engineering Drawing

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